Tartan GB and Plaid restock I ordered pcbs and components in 9/25.But I haven’t gotten yet, and it is long holiday in china.So shipping date may be delayed.I will update schedule, if I get them. Lain GB I’m getting quote … Read More

Tartan # Through hole #6

I’m so sorry for delay. Finally, I started pre-order Tartan here. And I would like to have tiny stock tartan and plaid for a while after this pre-order.

New keyboard “Lain”

I designed new alice-ish layout keyboard named “Lain”.This keyboard is themed by serial experiments lain licensed under lainttl. I will sell first alpha batch in Maker Faire Tokyo 2019.

Tartan # Through hole #5

I got final alpha version pcb and it works well.And I upload some image. But I made misstake. This pcb has Japanese Ro key layout instead of HHKB layout. So I will fix and re-order pcb. Anyway, I will start … Read More

tartan # through-hole #4

I ordered new alpha pcb last week. But yiacar released Gingham. It is super aesthetic design.I decide to start pre-order Tartan after recieved pcb and checked.And I don’t stock after it. I will attend Maker Faire Tokyo 2019.


We have holiday until May 6th for public holidays in Japan called GOLDEN WEEK.Shipping is after May 8th.