“Tartan # Through Hole” is a 60% keyboard made by through hole components only.

ATMEGA328p with V-USB

Tartan uses ATMEGA328p with V-USB for USB.

QMK Firmware

Open Source Hardware

MIT License (c) 2019, Takuya Urakawa, Dm9Records

Build Guide and BOM


  • Electric components
  • Screws and Stands off
  • Acrylic cover


This keyboard has “North facing switch“.

Buy Kit

Before purchase kit

Require to solder and compile/burn firmware.

Please read build guide, BOM and Terms.
This kit is not include switches, keycaps, stabilizers and cables.



$72 USD (include international shipping from Japan)

If you order plaid too, I will ship together after tartan is ready.

Pre-order schedule

2019/09/06 start
2019/09/20 end
2019/09/22 start parts sourcing
Approximate shipping time is the End of October 2019.

EDIT 2019/10/4

I ordered pcbs and components in 9/25.
But I haven’t gotten yet, and it is long holiday in china.
So shipping date may be delayed.
I will update schedule, if I get them.

EDIT 2019/10/23

I got components today! And pcbs arrived  last week.
I start packing.

EDIT 2019/11/9

I start shipping next week!
It is delay due to acrylic panel from chinese factory.